About Us

The inception of e.partner has been brought about by a meeting with the Belgian new car sellers who was seeking to improve their logistics and operation results. This served as a starting point for setting up a logistics and car carriers company e.partner in 2009. We have been in active operation since 2010.
Over the years of specializing in car carrying/transportation and cargo business, we have been expanding our service range and increasing our base of customers who have a great trust in us as well a team of qualified specialists assisted by cutting-edge technology and programs.

E.partner provides transport and logistics services throughout Europe.

Your success is our success.

We strive to make sure that this service, namely car carrying, would take this burden off your shoulders. The expertise, cooperation, quality, responsibility and thoroughness ensured by our staff are a key to success in providing our services.We strive to become a socially responsible company. We support our employees in their active initiatives outside work.

Key Serivce

One of our key services is car carrying.

Our experienced team at e.partner will ensure that your cargo/ car/ order will reach a requested travel/ shipping/ order/ transportation destination in safe and timely manner in any corner of Europe.

We ensure high-quality services provided in accordance with the highest cargo transportation standards.


The devices and equipment used by us are of the highest energy class.

Ecology as a responsible approach to business plays an important part in our day-to-day operations: in our activities, we use only eco-friendly materials. At request, we may issue e-invoices as well as submit other documents in an electronic form and when the use of paper is unavoidable in our operations we make sure that only eco-friendly recycled paper is used.

We urge our customers and partners as well as general public to be eco-friendly not only at work but also in their domestic life.

Contact us at the our offices nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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